Talvityökäsine OX-ON Winter Comfort 3307

Talvityökäsine OX-ON Winter Comfort 3307

  • Tuotenumero: 081.30
  • Määrä pakkauksessa: 6 pari


  • Extra lämmin talvikäsine
  • Pehmeä ja mukava
  • Erinomainen työkäsine kylmissä ja kosteissa olosuhteissa
  • Vettähylkivä





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Talvityökäsine OX-ON Winter Comfort 3307

The OX-ON Winter Comfort 3307 is a highly-insulated and warm winter glove that combines breathability and water resistance with a high level of comfort when working in cold and humid environments. Whether wearing the Winter Comfort 3307 professionally or privately, you will get a glove with a completely waterproof palm and completely breathable back. If working in carpentry, warehousing or assembly for instance, this is a functional winter glove that can handle all your needs. Palm is made of PU with a membrane underneath to keep the hand completely dry. The back of the hand is made of polyester and elastane for unbeatable flexibility, breathability and perfect fit. OX-ON gloves winter lining helps to protect effectively from loss of heat.


Valmistaja: OX-ON

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